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The Modern Hotel Harbin (Ha'erbin Madie'er Binguan) is a business hotel located on Zhongyang Street and close to the beautiful Songhua River. This Harbin hotel offers various room types including single, standard rooms and deluxe suites. Hungry guest can make use of its on-site Chinese or Western restaurant.For fun,  there is an indoor swimming pool,tennis court and KTV, which stay open during most of the year.[View Detail]    

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  • olity
    The good old bad
  • morningdewbb
    Hotel with historical weight to the Spring Festival people cannot renew hotel over the weekend in the streets of the central historical high total score were facilities up to Samsung to stay one or two nights a feel
  • wbindy
    Historic hotel, in the middle of Central Avenue, for travel, and history, very good!
  • Love me love
    Good location in the pedestrian street on the edge of, there are many place to stroll around, Sophia Church in about 10 minutes on foot, hotel have a balcony in the evening concert?.
  • louise1361
    Hotel room facilities is relatively old, and very small, shouted at the famous clause
  • furong594
    Has a long history and location excellent
  • e00121165
    Hotel is good, the service warm and considerate.
  • cici52cc
    Has a long history of an old shop. great service, a bit in the Middle Vignette to immediately call the front desk from some rooms. the layout of the room is good. but also in busy central street location, eat good convenient to shopping around.
  • donotpay
    Travel convenience
  • liangyuan_2008
    The hotel's location is very good, but because it is an old hotel, the rooms and facilities are generally really is, is just a little bit like home. the price estimates that location and historical significance.
    On by sold name, hotel facilities very poor. room lights very dark, led find things to open up phone lighting, staying two late, notification waiter three times repair lamp, refrigerator. away from shop Shi also future repair. waiter except front desk will laugh, remaining waiter are not laugh. especially two layer of that fat girl full hanging with face. health is poor, carpet not sucking dust, bed Shang has hair. never staying this hotel has. last said about; Harbin whole of service level compared poor. a let peopleDisappointment city
  • alan.c
    Hotels, after all, is a bit old, hardware needs to follow up. no said
  • gaolun84
    Warm and thoughtful service and careful! the amenities! clean!
  • daivivi
    Shopping convenience
  • funini
    The location is very good. at Central Avenue, traveling very convenient. selected suite has a balcony, but the balcony door was locked, can't go out, a little regrettable. waiters are warm, meet greet guests active. room service very quick, responsive. breakfast, kind of not too much, and do not match the four-star standard.
  • Niu Niu
    All right
  • xuduoyanyu666
    Central Street Shang of Centennial old shop, location quite good, play shopping are compared convenient, hotel downstairs of modern popsicle is good, to has night various performances, compared lively, hotel service also line, is room facilities compared old, set has two room, was room not as big, small of on with shortcut hotel like, also has a unit taste, various facilities old, decisive room, hotel implementation force also is is quickly of, this to to praise, overall also is to recommended of, historyOldest hotel!
  • libidinous
    Good surroundings!
  • jane520david
    Fame hotel's older than modern facilities of the hotel are just a strong sense of historical experience is OK
  • E00191729
    To live is to experience history
  • coco9999961
    Worthy of the century-old shop, must recommend! European architecture as a whole, feels like entering history. equipment have been refurbished, never felt old, very good!
  • Brothers
    Hotel is a historic hotel, famous people, Soong Ching ling, Guo Moruo, snow, who stayed at the hotel. Hotel good location, service, breakfast also good. only regret was that we lived during the hotel is being renovated, in front of a bit of a mess, the room window was covered by newspapers, however, I believe this is only a temporary phenomenon.
  • singoo
    Help parents made, they said the room was small, facilities, location, price
  • estelle
    Overall good hotel, breakfast was delicious, the service is also very good, very satisfied
  • omar928
    A dream to feel history even if it is an old hotel
  • bjxl111
    Old hotel historical location is decorated with noise
  • e00318546
    Old hotel, except for history.
  • JessicaLu.
    Perfect location, good service and bad rooms. Obsolete facilities, the smell of musty, hard into the bathroom there are various forms of insects. it's hard to imagine this is a 4 star hotel room. Ma die er, if only to experience the historical charm of the guest, stay a night or better level of continental would be a better choice.
  • COLA911
    Harbin is certainly going to live modern, reason not to say much more. good location, convenience, service is also very good. Although there are historic hotels, but it should be renovated, very clean and very comfortable.
  • smilecbm
    Good good
  • camour
    Century-old company, a sense of history; in the streets of central location good service staff from the front desk to the room were very good; the ointment is under renovation, the noise, the facility is old.
  • guoyili
    This is a century-old shop, service is very good.
  • aitiantian
    Which is very nice
  • baisong110
    Old old and likes long time hotels can be selected
  • jone621
    Ancient history Hotel worth staying at
  • tjnuer
    There is a sense of history and services.
  • angela5680616
    Hotel of great feeling!
  • annielaw
    Location is good, fun and shopping more convenient, but old rooms facilities, there is also a smell.
  • boypig
    Also has never didn't to had poor assessment! room broken, service its, into a room, like into shelter like, seven turn eight bent also to lift with luggage Shang stairs, these are see in more than 100 years of old Shang are forget. check out of when, actually proposed to 20 block of towel cleaning fee, on because contracted has hair Shang of little pink! set of car in door, also too lazy to and they care has, from more than 100 more of business hotel to more than 1000 more of foreign five-star, wipe hair also never met to cleaning fee, foreignFive star wash clothes only 18, with a smelly old towel that is worth the price? the State old should go, I hope you learn a lesson!
  • e00014522
    Very good accommodation
  • semmy
    8 o'clock in the morning arrived hotel, I by set business standard between yet out, front desk to has a big bed room first let I are rest, has waiter help took luggage, noon business standard between out Hou, also room Shi also has waiter help took luggage, service really good. at set Hotel Shi, I is in modern and friendship Palace Zhijian as appropriate, at friendship Palace pubiao is has room, last also is select has modern. General feel also is good, but also is mention two points, in Chinese Office eat has a times rice,Service and dishes like. toilet facilities. is a map at the front desk to 10 again, it's kind of. haha. son of the good impression of Harbin hope Harbin winter comes again, when I hope to next time, if there are modern, can have a better impression on him.
  • e02301254
    More historic hotel good location on the Central Avenue
  • dududc
    Hotel location the best worst service facilities
  • joe.jiao
    External protection, heritage preservation, bad parking, underground parking is so expensive
  • liugwfn
    Very good hotel clean and sanitary living very comfortable
  • e03046443
    From the central street close, convenient, comfortable hotel. just at the door in the decoration, a bit of a mess
  • Emma ripples
    Hundred years old, good surroundings, hotel old, breakfast
  • elenawong
    Poor health, may be the cultural history of the hotel, but the room is too old, there are cockroaches in the room, and that was really good. good location, central street, go out, shopping is very convenient for eating. breakfast is OK, service, waiter service, needs to be improved
  • letitbesun
    Is Guo Moruo stayed room, antique, fine sense of history, old and thick, very clean, service is good. have to catch a plane to Changbai, breakfast 7, 6 stores left, did not eat.
  • nayaa
    The edge is central Avenue, dinner, travel. this condition only sorry the price, who let people, good location history