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The Modern Hotel Harbin (Ha'erbin Madie'er Binguan) is a business hotel located on Zhongyang Street and close to the beautiful Songhua River. This Harbin hotel offers various room types including single, standard rooms and deluxe suites. Hungry guest can make use of its on-site Chinese or Western restaurant.For fun,  there is an indoor swimming pool,tennis court and KTV, which stay open during most of the year.[View Detail]    

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  • efalina
    The century-old hotel, worthy of recommendation, century-old former richest man in Jewish investments in hotels, management is very good, surrounding Central Avenue, the most distinctive and convenient shopping.
  • caddie0628
    Rather disappointing. day. the overall feeling is to spend the money four star Guest House. poor facilities, the room clean enough, poor quality. home level only. the staff is just fine, that is, without professional training. with a taste of State-owned units
  • nuaner1973
    Services, but seem lower grades, feeling unworthy.
  • gongcao
    Century-old shop, location. hotel services are good, very satisfied!
  • cinym
    Harbin wanted to live on a central street, the hotel has a long history, the room is not very big, but have strong feelings.
  • fumiss
    Old. facilities in old, but does not affect use. address location a lot, every day eating popsicles. Rooms have heavy lamb flavor, and is a disadvantage.
  • Andy Green tea
    To tell you the truth, this hotel is the famous hotel is like Samsung in General may not be because older. high price too much, but many people who live here are not her facilities.
  • small_lion007
    To Harbin two days has, I live in central street of modern hotel. Hotel 1906 by Jews created, more than 100 years of heavy and culture, let people with eye glimpse will health out many respect, see with House mark of had staying of Soong Ching ling, sakis snow, Tian Han, Xu Beihong, celebrity, seemed turned had corner will can through history meet. noon Western also can buy, night beer garden and cold shop with field consumption, also has two days constantly of modern popsicle. Modern hotelParking is the only inconvenience is not enough, and Wrigley on the toilet facilities, nine animal husbandry lower than four stars leading slightly, but the warm atmosphere made up for lack of service personnel, and Diego added a lot to the people of Harbin good!
  • joannayang
    A sense of time, very satisfied
    Good, sound good, very good
  • ericwry
    Hotel facilities, very little service, not worth the price, should no longer stay next time.
  • andeney
    Overall good facilities is a bit dated, breakfast needs to be strengthened
  • ciwei372885952
    On the brand and the actual services and facilities are not
  • E04831645
    Location good, others are very general, but meet feeling under it!
  • d04987371
    Hotel did not have to say, living in downtown, the room was quiet. stairs restaurant was so-so, not good, service good, very expensive
  • cally
    Very convenient
  • blue319
    Help a friend, and friends were very satisfied!
  • jiuguie
    Which is very nice!
  • e00157513
    Old hotel, nothing to say, but slightly old rooms facilities. the ointment!
  • guxiao214
    Decoration for a long time, facilities a bit behind on
  • fool3166
  • littlebat
    Feeling old
  • jinxiy
    Big names
  • carmen821104
    Cash back, so thanks.
  • converse001
    (? ? ?) Anyway love this hotel ... Hotel Manager was very good ... Heilongjiang to the only place I remember
  • binggoo123
    Here, but a bit dated, breakfast was rather dull
  • x1aoy1
    Near Central Avenue, is convenient for the sights!
  • cpbren21
    Very nice hotel good location
  • bausrspx
    Hundred years old, haven't lived, did not know the details of
  • liangliang2009
    Hotel is located in downtown Harbin daoli district, is very advantageous geographical location, is a historic century-old shop, the House is of European architecture, is very characteristic, slightly stale, in General is very characteristic, recommended stay
  • ramonlee
    The breakfast enough. waiter service was very good.
  • Brilliance
    The hotel's location is very good, just on the side of Central Avenue. hotel a sense of history, and worth experience. If prices come down, probably better. good ice cream, eat snacks in winter.
  • sabrinamimi
    Convenient service
  • joyceuee
    OK, well ... next time will continue to stay.
  • lidia
    That's no problem
  • e04684452
    Featured hotels, but is a little old, guests like. already several times
  • tmts520
    And we think it's great
  • lc60021
    Very good, worthy of the century-old shop
  • lmtrees
    Hotel is located on the central street, downstairs can go shopping. but it feels a bit old, feel that we live is installed in the late
  • SunNy.
    Hotel early of area smaller, room number limited, on so several between rooms, remaining of not for has room is do has Office, restaurant. so in original based Shang and received out has a, most room type are is arrangements in new received out of part. this I live of is big duplex sets, on in new floors. If is value whether staying of is old room, that can have about clear has. room furnishings simple, facilities more old, is shortcut hotel of style. location good, in CentralStreet Shang, away from river side walk not to 10 minutes. horse Diego son restaurant on in this floor a layer, not out hotel on can dining. just feel restaurant taste General, price more local restaurant more your some, so people not many, basic without, bit, wants to special experience about of can to that find find feel. is opposite of China Mei restaurant need, bit, is old, but dish varieties class not many, price than horse Diego, cheap, may this is people more of reasons. also is said horse Diego son's, Modern soda fountain ice-cream tastes really good, 5 Yuan a piece, surrounded by a circle. hotel is in a building across the front, come to the floor, but still very close. want to buy a few back to the room to eat, didn't have enough to buy, very convenient. modern ice do better than Western-style food.
  • e02937543
    Recommended hotel, near Central Avenue, convenient travel, distance often frequented by tourists are very convenient, taste characteristics of barbecue in the evening, very good choice
  • Leiter
    Facilities in some old
  • meefei
    Experience of the century-old dream hotel service very friendly, room was very clean, mainly playing too easy, the Sun Island, flood control monument Stalin Park, Saint Sophia square, in close proximity, the hotel is in the central street, central street, swam every day, to choose horses die er Harbin.
  • mrx910920
    Has more than 100-year history of the hotel, service very good, like the time of deposition.
  • fejin
    Nice hotel, charging is not convenient
  • Birdling
    Good location, near Central Avenue was renovated too old
  • easyuse100
    With a long history and good services! slightly old rooms equipment. location
  • MTR185361
    Old hotel
  • amelie
    Very good, good location, nice, comfortable and convenient!
  • asca307
    A supposedly disappointed. room was small, outdated facilities, curtains are simple shutter. noisy, never know air conditioning or what machine is out of the window, like the roar of tractors, very noisy. hotel not far from the central street, walk to. but a taxi is quite difficult, hotel lobby staff to help us with drops of call of taxi, thank you!