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Modern Hotel Harbin is located in the central area of the pedestrian street of central street, a famous historical and cultural street in China. It is adjacent to the beautiful Songhua River, the sun island and the ice and snow world in the north, and the ice lantern garden party (Zhaolin Park), Sophia Church and the Chinese Baroque historical and cultural street outside laodaowai in the East.
The hotel was founded in 1906 by Joseph Alexandrovich kasp, a Russian Jew( Жозеф алессандрович) The building is a typical French 'Art Nouveau Movement' Louis XIV style building. The name of the hotel is in Italian and Russian“ мардир ”, It means modern, fashionable and modern. There have been many important events in history and many celebrities have stayed in the hotel, so many celebrity rooms have been reserved. The hotel has a variety of rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, German beer house, large and small conference rooms and banquet hall.
Madiel hotel has been awarded the title of 'time honored brand of China', 'provincial patriotic education base' and 'former site of preparatory activities for the new CPPCC conference' by relevant units. The fifth batch of intangible cultural list units in Heilongjiang province include traditional Chinese food, Russian Western food and German Western food. The earliest Chinese food menu and Western food menu in Harbin are all produced by hotel teacher Fu. They have received many Chinese and foreign politicians and celebrities from all walks of life. They are the birthplace of Harbin food culture. The famous products include the mathier popsicle series, bread series, home brewed beer series and the 'Centennial celebrity banquet' series.
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FAQs when booking at Modern Hotel Harbin
  • How far is the hotel from Harbin Taiping Airport?

    Modern Hotel Harbin is 34.5km from the airport.

  • Does Modern Hotel Harbin offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Modern Hotel Harbin?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Modern Hotel Harbin.

  • Does Modern Hotel Harbin have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a pool, but no gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Modern Hotel Harbin have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Modern Hotel Harbin offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Modern Hotel Harbin accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Modern Hotel Harbin accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Modern Hotel Harbin?

    Each costs cny88 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Modern Hotel Harbin?

    The room prices is from cny600, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • Ellen(RTP)
    To tell you the truth, I won't choose any more. The location is good. Others are hehe. On the first day, a prison inclined window room was arranged.
  • rem77
    Obsolete facilities
  • fly man
    Central street is a prime location with hard brand and good service, but the facilities are old and the breakfast is poor. If you want to travel, it's convenient to go anywhere, and there are many places to eat.
  • ai0512
    Two star equipment, old hotel, good nostalgic atmosphere, average breakfast
  • cici52cc
    An old shop with a long history. The service was very considerate. There was a little incident in the middle. Call the front desk and someone came to the room immediately. The layout of the room is also good. And it's still in the busy central street. The location is good. It's convenient for eating and shopping around.
  • e00121165
    The location of the hotel is good, and the service is considerate and friendly.
  • a23898
    In the old hotel on central street, the location is excellent. Eating and sightseeing are the best choices. The old hotel facilities are inevitable and understandable. Experience and Lenovo hotel luxury in those days is also worth the trip.
  • cn00wj
    The facilities are really old, but the service is pretty good
    Not bad! The house is a little old!
  • breadson
    Travel with parents and children and stay in madiel. The front desk customer service is good and the location is good. Others are not the standard of four stars, but the design of Duplex Suite is more suitable for family travel
  • randot
    That's a reputation. The maximum number of services and facilities is 3 stars. Breakfast is not bad, but the hotel staff are also eating self-help, which is relatively uncommon.
  • carrol
    Cancelled witch haircut 'IP ah, Buddha Oh, card reader
  • alinay
    It's for parents. The reaction is very good. It's very characteristic
  • dmluo2
    I like central street too much. The location of the hotel is not clear. The service is also good. The breakfast is average. It seems that there is a lack of Western or Russian food. The equipment in the room is a little old
  • e00155029
    In addition to the geographical location, everything else is average. In particular, the standard rooms are not in the main part of the original hotel, but connected to the simple auxiliary building (later built) through a channel, which feels very bad. Not recommended. As a hotel with a price of about 1000 yuan, it is relatively poor.
  • david666
    It is for its history, environment and popsicle that we stay in this unique hotel. Every morning and evening, we go to the riverside to play. Especially in the morning, the ancient stone road reflects the historical information, and this kind of environment is dying out. Thank you, matiel, for keeping history for us.
  • aldc351
    The cost performance of the hotel is very average! Breakfast is OK!
  • Leiter
    The facilities are a little old
  • bernice19781001
    The location is absolutely OK and the conditions are average. Just stay for one night.
  • gaolun84
    Friendly, considerate and meticulous service! Perfect facilities! Clean!
  • dodoj199
    Ordinary standard room? It's really small. It's been years... But the service was really good
  • small_lion007
    I've been in Harbin for two days. I live in madiel Hotel on central street. The hotel was founded by Jews in 1906. With more than 100 years of massiness and culture, people have a lot of respect at a glance. Looking at the celebrities such as Soong Ching Ling, Si Nuo, Tian Han and Xu Beihong who once stayed in the hotel, it seems that they can meet through history when they turn the corner. Western food can also be purchased in groups at noon, beer garden and cold drink shop can consume at the same time at night, and madeire popsicles can be kept for two days. Although there is not enough parking lot in the madier Hotel, which is the only inconvenience this time, and the Wrigley toilet and Jiumu faucet on the facilities are slightly lower than the four stars, the enthusiasm and atmosphere of the service personnel make up for the deficiency, and madier has added a lot of good feelings to the people of Harbin!
  • Carol wang
    It's a very old hotel. I live in a sense of time
  • e03423574
    Some Russian style hotel decoration, although some old, the overall good!
  • amil1208
    Overall, it's OK, mainly because the location is really good and convenient
    Good geographical location
  • joe.jiao
    It's under external protection to protect cultural relics. It's not easy to park. Underground parking is too expensive
  • fionnali
    The standard big bed room is a little far from the door of the hotel. It has to take many turns. It seems to be built later. However, the service is good, very polite and the geographical location is also very good.
  • eric_lxy
    It's a pity that a hotel with a history of 100 years has become an Express Hotel
  • mmccii
    Many celebrities have stayed in this hotel. There is a small exhibition hall in the lobby to record the glory of the past. The room is not big, very old. But the transportation is convenient. The madiel popsicle next to it is delicious.
  • jarodluo
    The history of the hotel is very rich and profound. I'm attracted by it. The overall feeling is OK. The location of the hotel is very good. It is close to central street and belongs to the central area. It is convenient to go anywhere. The internal facilities are a little old, the service is good, and it is worth recommending.
  • guxiao214
    The decoration time is too long. The facilities can't keep up
  • dinoc
    very good
  • fendi8358
    Old hotels have to live in European style rooms to have a sense of nostalgia.
  • openwings
    The facilities are a little old, very satisfied with the rest
  • E Dragon
    It's not suitable for business. The hotel's equipment is relatively old. The focus is on history. Along the corridor, there are rooms where celebrities have lived, just like crossing the Republic of China
  • e05188260
    All right, all right, all right, all right
  • duoduoameng
    A century old store worthy of its reputation must be recommended!!! The whole European architecture feels like entering history. The equipment has been renovated. It doesn't feel old. It's great!
  • Amery
    The location of the hotel is quite good. The popsicles and yoghurt in the cold drink shop downstairs are delicious!
  • canc3r
    Central street, good location. It's antique. It's history. It was written on the door that some celebrities lived here in 19 * *. The room is normal
  • nduubcvp
    The surrounding environment is good, the traffic is inconvenient, and it's hard to take a taxi,
  • annielaw
    The geographical location is quite good. It is convenient to play and shop, but the room facilities are old and have a smell.
  • MarcoMT
    Very good
  • ramonlee
    There are not enough kinds of breakfast. The service attitude of the waiter was very good.
  • leecard
    Good. Good heating, hot water, good breakfast. The special room is not recommended. The location is good
  • dljerryxie
    Come here, disappointed! It's too old
  • youei
    Hotel location is good, convenient transportation, convenient travel
  • fairysun494
    Extremely disappointed. The room is old and the facilities are very poor. Poor service attitude. Give a very bad comment. I won't live for free next time.
  • setyo
    It's very historical
  • cocodlin
    It's on central street. You don't have to choose the geographical location. The hotel is very old, and there will be a creak on the floor of the corridor. The room is very clean and the service is also very good. The waiter will deliver the newspaper and drinking water of the day every day. The western restaurant is on the first floor. There are so many people. We waited there for a long time before we got a number. Maddie's ice cream is really delicious. I live there and have one every day. There are many kinds of breakfast and the flavor of the dishes is also very westernized. The Chinese restaurant is on the third floor of the hotel. You can order it and send it to the room, plus 15 [%] service charge. Northeast people are really enthusiastic. They will help you solve difficulties. I was in a hurry on the day I left the store. I couldn't get a taxi. The person at the front desk helped me make an appointment for a special bus. I will choose this one when I go to Harbin in the future.
  • ying_py
    Very good. I'll check in next time. Recommend friends to stay.
  • adini
    It's really a hundred year old house. Just live once. Feel the old house
  • jerryng
    Great location, good service, good breakfast, average facilities.
  • condor1974
    When I came to Harbin for the first time, it coincided with the birthday of the motherland. Praise me first! Stay in the famous madeire Hotel, chew madeire ice cream, eat madeire Western food, madeire sausage, yogurt and live together! Madiel bar drop! The front desk of the hotel gave me a room with a balcony. It's very thick to stay in the same hotel with historical celebrities! Very cross! fabulous! The only deficiency: the facilities in the hotel room are very old, which is equivalent to domestic 2-star facilities. The location is 5-star, the brand name is 5-star and the service is 5-star!
  • ilovebayern
    Excellent service, too patient, old hotel, historical accumulation, high praise
  • lmtrees
    The hotel is located on central street. You can go shopping downstairs. But it feels a little old. The floor where we live feels like it was installed later
  • wbindy
    Quite a historical Hotel, in the middle of the central street, suitable for travel, taste a hundred years of history, very good!
  • e01001017
    The historic hotel is aimed at this fame! After all, it's an old hotel. The facilities are a little old, but the location is very good. It's on central street. In short, if it's a tourism, it's definitely the first choice!
  • e00225923
    Very satisfied
  • beibeixia
    The hotel has a long history and excellent location.
    Generally, the location is good. The room is too old, but the geographical location is great. The overall feeling is OK. The room should be cleaner and the facilities should be new. I hope it can be improved
  • morningdewbb
    Hotels with a strong sense of history most people can't renew their rooms on the weekends before the Spring Festival. The hotel has the most hardware facilities on the central street. The total score of the sense of history is higher, so you can stay for one or two nights
  • Brothers
    The hotel is a hotel with a long history. Many celebrities, such as Soong Ching Ling, Guo Moruo and snow, have stayed in the hotel. The hotel has a good location, good service and good breakfast. The only regret is that during our stay, the hotel was being renovated, the door was a little messy, and the windows of the room were covered by newspapers. However, I believe this is only a temporary phenomenon.
  • a415658918
    This kind of hotel lives in culture and history. Very good service, friendly and warm. The precipitation of time. Local tyrants and upstarts are not recommended.
  • lasaint
    Very good
  • E00050630
    The price is 978 yuan, and the room grade is 120 yuan. Apart from the good service attitude and location, the rest are too general to recommend.
  • youjun61
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • artong
    It's for the name. It's not that bad, but the room is small and old
  • dongdong1029
    Good surroundings, Russian architecture, very beautiful!
  • MM809
  • cassylee2003
    The location is excellent. The new building inside the hotel is very general. If you don't live in the old room, the cost performance is very low!
  • ender8088
    Famous old style hotel. I like it very much. Look at old photos and visit central street.
  • cindyjiang2010
    The room is small.. It looks old.. A little disappointed.. Pretty good overall