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The Modern Hotel Harbin (Ha'erbin Madie'er Binguan) is a business hotel located on Zhongyang Street and close to the beautiful Songhua River. This Harbin hotel offers various room types including single, standard rooms and deluxe suites. Hungry guest can make use of its on-site Chinese or Western restaurant.For fun,  there is an indoor swimming pool,tennis court and KTV, which stay open during most of the year.[View Detail]    

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  • amylei
    Hotels in first-class service attitude, very convenient location, history. the facility is a little old, small rooms.
  • jlicr
    Big names, locations, but stay sorry prices
  • leslie26
    Environment is good, set a bit old, the rooms are small. but modern ice-cream is delicious, Goose liver super delicious restaurant.
  • dodoj199
    Standard room, is really quite small room for years ... but the service is really good
  • eternallove123
    Old hotel, nice rooms, breakfast is Northern taste, living history, suitable for traveling
    The location of the hotel is not to say that downstairs ice-cream is also very good, it is this ridiculously priced rooms are small, than our first night home, smaller room, really drunk! seems to be to choose the price of your room
  • cs280006910749
    Good hotel ... highly recommended
  • ycm721008
    When experiencing a little problem, but resolved! in General feels fine, clean, convenient, air conditioning is very good! room facilities similar to the hotel!
  • bobodumpling
    That's good!
  • a240859
    Is too old.
  • bbxxcc5151
    Good location, culture
  • D02734218
    Environment, but is located in the core, good location
  • Annie_ma0726
    Rich of history and culture, good location, good environment. service. lived in the century-old shop through. While the facilities are not luxurious, but feel part of history. the service also inherit the century-old tradition. opinion is recommended.
  • e04303594
    Got room card a door a unit strongly of smoke taste inclusion other not well-known was very not happy of taste head-on bashing to, wants to room, and fear also is as, into housing quickly open Windows. old shop, facilities old can understanding, but old ivory yellow of toilet seat circle Shang has a long 2cm, wide about 7 mm of a burning scar, still in using, SOAP disc also has burning scar, also put in wash pool side, on somewhat let people cannot understanding has, room of smell is staying of first feelAnd impressions, bathroom supplies and experience directly related to face not only in the lobby of the hotel, the room doesn't have to be expensive facilities, clean and tidy is the most basic requirements for all hotels. Room feels like a substandard sanitary conditions Inn, really worry, modern history of glory and the shop's reputation.
  • nduubcvp
    Around Nice, traffic inconvenience a taxi hard
  • bonnie003
    Helping my mother and her friends set, say nice, the key is in the Central streets, eat and play around for them is really very convenient
  • dinoc
    That's good
  • peiyun6398
    Live services have no say on the 4 floor great room WiFi is connect error. other satisfaction
  • e02963224
    Good location, facilities, Super old
  • Freeman99
    Older facilities good location nice nice
  • girl_crystal
    OK, really have a sense of history.
  • ffuffu
    Room aromas, dining room slightly backward, more convenient transportation.
  • gjf0473
    Decoration obsolete, inconvenient room corridor walk there to take the stairs
  • junnyliu2010
    This is a very historic hotel, the hotel facilities are complete, rooms are small but very clean, located in the central street in Harbin without. and then went downstairs to eat Western food is also very convenient.
  • ilovebayern
    Service Super, too patient, old hotels, historical heritage, praise
  • bd7588871
    Selected European locations in the central street of the downstairs is the restaurant and a modern bakery was very good food very delicious breakfast also good room for really comfortable high praise!
  • abelwang
    All right
  • afaney
    Hotels in General, good geographical location, facilities are old and the room is too small
  • e02709230
    The heaviness of history, is really good, although the room was small
  • geilo123
    The old shop, charm
  • bobo_lulu
    Is expensive and bad worse than the hotel room very small and drivers guide in the corner unless you live much more than 1000 can also be a century of Fame to good WiFi speed
  • ninico
    Location very convenient, on Central Avenue, where convenient. shortcomings are; the room dimly lit.
  • audreywu
    Great location, with a sense of history.
  • d00935985
    Hotel location have no say, wherever convenient. Russian-style restaurant in the hotel is authentic, price is little expensive, almost 150 who can eat. hotel is decorated like a Museum of history, many celebrities lived in the shop, our living room is patriotic personages ru lived in the room, feel quite honored.
  • adppo
    Very clean!
  • simyjie
    Nothing special, price is not high, and
  • m00206922
    Hotel facilities really old, and hotel fame does not meet, lack of features, die er does not match the strength of the group. the service is very good, breakfast very good. in the middle of Central Avenue location, very convenient. hope of distinctive features to attract more tourists.
  • lijie_men
    Clean, has a history, a story, good location, convenient!
  • rorylx
    Strategic location, in the middle section of the Central Avenue. food a lot around. hotel has a long history, the room is full of clean and slightly less noise. adjustable heating, good other than I live, or too hot. buffet breakfast great. If prices cheaper would be better. for more than 100 years the hotel was a historical feel.
  • m00898823
    Hotel clean, environment, good location, central street. were it not for the location, the price is too high.
  • sontou713
    Overall good service location, great modern ice worth hotel rooms due to aging, slightly older heating is enough to experience
  • wan0514
    Hotel is a little old, and convenient transportation, good location
  • fleming
    There is a history of an old shop, is worth the experience. recommended!
  • weiyiwang
    Facility is old, but the trip is easy, and now maintenance on external walls, but basically at night without affecting the rest.
  • lily1997
    Hotel is located in the heart of central street, store historical, thick, clean, porters and staff were very friendly. best rooms with hot water.
  • clayyliang
    Hotel is located in the core area of Central Avenue, convenient walk. in-store displays many other shops hidden treasures, like a small museum.
  • jessica_90111
    Good location, Central Avenue, old hotel facilities, high cost performance!
  • scc0819
    Location is very good, live in a hotel room with modern original nothing was renovated after, or rather old Interior, feel out of place
  • axine
    Good location
  • Donvely
    Too old, or not, price is quite expensive, but in the streets of Central, convenient