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Modern Hotel Harbin is located in the central part of China s famous historical and cultural street, the Central Street Pedestrian Street, with the beautiful scenery of Songhua River, Sun Island, and Ice World in the north, and the Ice Lantern Garden Party (Zhaolin Park), Sophia Church, and the Chinese Baroque history outside the old road. Culture Street.

Madell Hotel was founded in 1906. Its founder is the Russian Jewish Joseph Alexandrovich Kaspu ( ). The building is a typical French "Art Nouveau period" Louis XIV-style building. The name of the hotel Madir takes the Russian "", which translates to modern, fashionable and modern. There have been many important events in history and many celebrities have stayed, so the hotel has kept many celebrity rooms. The hotel has a variety of room types, Chinese and Western restaurants, German beer halls, large and small conference rooms and banquet halls.

The Madier Hotel has been awarded by the relevant units as "Chinese Time-honored Brand", "Provincial-level Patriotism Education Base" and "Old CPPCC Preparatory Activities Site". The fifth batch of Heilongjiang Province's non-material cultural directory units, including traditional Chinese food, Russian Western food, and German Western food. Harbin's earliest "Chinese Food Recipes" and "Western Food Recipes" were produced by hotel teachers, and have received many Chinese and foreign dignitaries and society Celebrities from all walks of life are the birthplace of Harbin food culture. Well-known products include the Madiel popsicle series, bread series, home-brewed beer series and the "Hundred Years Celebrity Banquet" series.
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  • e00006602
    Hotel location is really good, on Centre Street, and the hotel has quite a sense of history, stay in modern hotels, walking in the central street, I feel very good and recommend it to everyone
  • candy2105
    Five-star prices, ordinary three-star room facilities is good location, you won't stay
  • ecdong
    Great central street, shopping is very convenient.
  • boypig
    Also has never didn't to had poor assessment! room broken, service its, into a room, like into shelter like, seven turn eight bent also to lift with luggage Shang stairs, these are see in more than 100 years of old Shang are forget. check out of when, actually proposed to 20 block of towel cleaning fee, on because contracted has hair Shang of little pink! set of car in door, also too lazy to and they care has, from more than 100 more of business hotel to more than 1000 more of foreign five-star, wipe hair also never met to cleaning fee, foreignFive star wash clothes only 18, with a smelly old towel that is worth the price? the State old should go, I hope you learn a lesson!
  • Birdling
    Good location, near Central Avenue was renovated too old
  • Bettyjin44
    Hotel location upper
  • Mis beautiful
    Consists of the location, very good location, century-old reputation, old facilities, the price is a little bit unworthy, but location there, so did not have to pick ... but the service is not saying.
  • eccut
    Room has a long history, but room facilities very old, Executive Suite than the county level Guest House, 1588, was so worth. service is not good, in short, no next time.
  • janet_221
    The room is too small, the device is too old and is not the same as publicity!
  • fejin
    Nice hotel, charging is not convenient
  • bird_x_joey
    Good location, room was a bit too old
  • e01140972
    A sense of historical hotels. The artifacts on display in the lobby, very good.
  • superb
    Hotel is located in Central Avenue, good eating and shopping convenience. hotel is a bit old.
    Historic hotel, good service, convenient
  • yaovone
    Special deal this is set, limited, so much better than 688 of the second day of business, want to feel the culture can be selected
  • e01001797
    Through a historical Gallery, saw a bunch of fried country where Grandpa used to visitors
  • xinran0428
  • gavin0509
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet ... room was clean, Hall up a great exhibit, antiques, a strong sense of history and is well worth living. breakfast was great, quiet, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • woernianji
    That just aren't
  • saberinafu
    Location is very convenient, can also accept other. live again.
  • Landau
    Feeling pretty good, service was very good.
  • alma1017
    Located right on the Central pedestrian street, very close to the modern Office of cold drinks, and downstairs you can buy a nice, breakfast can only insufficient room is rather old, and some smaller, outdated facilities, the window is very small.
  • fbamboo
    Hotel is located on Central Avenue from the Songhua River and very close to the Cathedral and the hotel breakfast service very good! recommend staying!
  • Brilliance
    The hotel's location is very good, just on the side of Central Avenue. hotel a sense of history, and worth experience. If prices come down, probably better. good ice cream, eat snacks in winter.
  • ffuffu
    Room aromas, dining room slightly backward, more convenient transportation.
  • paulsmgu
    Old, but the overall feel and convenient shopping street is the central street ... breakfast was OK.
  • songyyr
    Why star Harbin Hotels grade it! also as standard, but the surrounding is very convenient.
  • caesar19850124
    Old, very good!
  • e00032323
    Old hotel, very
  • ginny_cx
    Is located on Central Avenue to tourist travel
  • albert_tey
    very good
  • jane010
    Nice, very good Central Avenue. ten minutes you can walk to Heilongjiang. eating places with more choices are wide.
  • LoveJolene
    All right
  • Amanda99141
    General environment, outdated facilities, great location.
  • Cebonguo
    Location very good, is very old and famous room is vacant, has not booked up ... room!
  • femalebird
    Travel for gotta feeling came to stay was very good, I like, other people don't know.
  • dada78
    Old facilities, service is good. is primarily location novel about modern hotel can be bought in the room.
  • TF Hippo
    Good location
  • Sarabander
    Good location, convenient transportation, service very good, recommend staying.
  • Telur eggs
    It's OK
  • elvamylove
    Hotels in more than 100 years old, certainly some lack of hardware. but wins at the location, environment and culture.
  • e00722482
  • NodeB
    Hotel is located in downtown, classical style, facilities are old, but reflects the vicissitudes of old and heavy, come here to experience the passage of time, time changes, just fine!
  • maggiejin219
    History of thick
  • e01810883
    A good environment, a sense of history
  • grassstrong
    Excellent location, has a long history, but the room is too small, service so-so
  • BruceYu22
    Very convenient location, is located in the commercial centre, belongs to the history of the hotel, feeling!
  • anny9890
    888 Yuan price has lived like home Inn room, really worth, next to the environment can be, but next trip here is not selected.
  • bignoise
    Very good location, very good service, bringing their children to very convenient
  • bigflytiger
    A family of three, the perfect location, rooms are small devices for older