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Harbin Hotel (Modern Hotel Harbin), L 'hôtel est situé dans la rue de l' histoire et de la culture chinoise, au centre de la rue piétonne de la rue centrale.L 'hôtel Madère a été fondé en 1906 par Joseph Alexandrovich kasp, juif d' origine russe, avec pour fondateur l 'immeuble Louis XIV de l' époque du nouvel art français.L 'hôtel martial s' appelle l' italien et le russe 'la technologie ne m 'a pas mis' en espagnol.Il y a eu beaucoup d 'événements importants dans l' histoire et beaucoup de célébrités sont descendues dans cet hôtel.L 'hôtel est équipé d' une grande variété de chambres, de restaurants chinois et occidentaux, de bières allemandes, de petites et moyennes salles de conférence et de banquet.'Br l 'hôtel de Marseille a été attribué par les services compétents à' l' ancien symbole chinois ',' la base provinciale d 'éducation patriotique 'et' l' ancien site des activités préparatoires de la Conférence du nouveau Conseil politique '.Le cinquième groupe de catalogues culturels immatériels de la province de Heilongjiang, y compris la cuisine chinoise traditionnelle, la cuisine occidentale russe et la cuisine occidentale allemande, les premiers 'menus chinois' et 'Menus occidentaux' de Harbin, tous produits par des anciens maîtres de l 'hôtel, ont accueilli de nombreux dignitaires chinois et étrangers et des personnalités de tous horizons de la société.Les produits les plus célèbres sont la patisserie de Mathieu série, le pain série, la bière auto - fabriquée série et 'centenaire de célébrités' série.
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  • su874356614
    Old hotel, very good quality!
  • junnygl
    Old Hotel Nice is a very old tattered carpet in many places all over the hair curtain is not shading
  • EpoTal
    Feeling as good as imagined, but the service is very good, room amenities and five-star prices, hotel facilities!
  • e00082754
    Room smelled great, fan is too loud in the kitchen downstairs.
  • AileenJiang
    From the central street close, hundred years old, and a very good environment, and cheap!
  • cwong_andrew
    Nice hotel, 1998 resident to Harbin this hotel, guests were quite satisfied.
  • e00850801
    Very good
    Very good location, central street pedestrian mall, but the hotel is too old, outdated facilities, rooms very small, standard room 498 some high reputation to experience a
  • for-trues
    It wasn't too bad
  • carmany
    Lots really don't say it, the rooms are great.
  • benben727914
    Liberation of the decoration of the hotel is style, took a lot of drama.
  • pcslavery
    Bad, just slanting piece
  • Mis beautiful
    Consists of the location, very good location, century-old reputation, old facilities, the price is a little bit unworthy, but location there, so did not have to pick ... but the service is not saying.
  • crystal512
    Too old and too broke is not worth
  • aiweixuan
    Hotel staff excellent historical significance
  • bernice19781001
    Location is absolutely OK, General conditions, stay one more night.
    Good location
  • alanna4713
    Old hotels, is a
  • e00676800
    As Harbin people lived here for the first time, start it was kind of scary, afraid of the bad environment, too much noise around, but we ordered two rooms are quiet, you can still see the central street of the night, leading very satisfied!
  • e00136545
    Location, appearance, corridor a sense of history, and thoughtful service. Hotel Continental is also free upgrade suite. breakfast, room Interior slightly old.
  • TenorBear
    Nothing, very disappointing stay
  • xiaody111
    Luxurious standard, tour a good choice, very upscale, environmental services are good.
  • lxl921
    This hotel is great! The hotel is a unique attraction on its own. The restaurant retains the aesthetic of central Europe in the early 20th century.
  • e03007925
    Historical precipitation culture story of the hotel, the facility is old, small room, toilets low voltage fixed hair. others have no say, worthwhile experience.
  • e01094421
    Environment is very good, price is reasonable, is the facility is a bit old.
  • fly man
    On Center Street in prime locations, brands hard, nice, but older, poor breakfast ... If you want to travel, go anywhere convenience, dinner around a lot.
  • e01540733
    For TV cliff, know has modern hotel, has been wants to personally experience Xia designed feel, this finally round has dream, hotel service is good, especially service personnel let people was is kind, not that surface smile, didn't service of feel. personal feel is bedding almost, always think quilt damp of, body is itch of feel, skin Shang up has many red points, last two late basically is cover with bathrobes sleep of sleep.
  • serena_wang0713
    That's good
  • lsdjmj0906
    Hotels in the Central streets, location quite good; modern has a long history, is a national key cultural relics protection units, although the hotel facilities, but can appreciate the history is a good choice and worth
  • smw1988
    Why write this. Ah ha ha Ah ha ha, over
  • cncbayer
    Location super good! is too convenient! hotel is has history sense, although is new increased of housing, but next is many history celebrity live had of room, Soong Ching ling, Xu Zhi-Mo's, Ding Ling, contradictions, Republika Connaught, Hey yo don't too more has, and also has balcony directly can appreciate central street night, about floor is a food alley, legend in the of modern ice cream on in front
  • Bob Song
    Has a long history, and attracted to! service, dishes! good surrounding environment!
  • nova1107
    In addition to a heavy sense of history, I really do not know where this hotel meet the four standards, outdated facilities of humble, and have absolutely no 1.2m, only the 1M. is modern hotel, Harbin heard famous choice here
  • insecter
    The environment is good
  • onlys
    Bad! do things such as wilderness wood at the front desk.
  • Ruby8699
    Book-style room, stay clean, waiting for half an hour, two hours later, not cleaned, the waiter said don't worry, just two minutes, which previously doing? complaints, replace suite and get fruits, but unhappy.
    Not bad! is the old house point!
  • benben~
    Location super good! is too convenient! hotel is has history sense, although is new increased of housing, but next is many history celebrity live had of room, Soong Ching ling, Xu Zhi-Mo's, Ding Ling, contradictions, Republika Connaught, Hey yo don't too more has, and also has balcony directly can appreciate central street night, about floor is a food alley, legend in the of modern ice cream on in front
  • cancanmama
    Very nice! great location, downstairs is a famous modern popsicles, haha! lived on the top floor, the top of the slope, curtains not total blackout. the bathroom floor is not good, flowing water in the shower. basin faucet design is not good, too deep, water splashing everywhere.
  • olity
    The good old bad
  • morningdewbb
    Hotel with historical weight to the Spring Festival people cannot renew hotel over the weekend in the streets of the central historical high total score were facilities up to Samsung to stay one or two nights a feel
  • wbindy
    Historic hotel, in the middle of Central Avenue, for travel, and history, very good!
  • Love me love
    Good location in the pedestrian street on the edge of, there are many place to stroll around, Sophia Church in about 10 minutes on foot, hotel have a balcony in the evening concert?.
  • louise1361
    Hotel room facilities is relatively old, and very small, shouted at the famous clause
  • furong594
    Has a long history and location excellent
  • e00121165
    Hotel is good, the service warm and considerate.
  • cici52cc
    Has a long history of an old shop. great service, a bit in the Middle Vignette to immediately call the front desk from some rooms. the layout of the room is good. but also in busy central street location, eat good convenient to shopping around.
  • donotpay
    Travel convenience
  • liangyuan_2008
    The hotel's location is very good, but because it is an old hotel, the rooms and facilities are generally really is, is just a little bit like home. the price estimates that location and historical significance.
    On by sold name, hotel facilities very poor. room lights very dark, led find things to open up phone lighting, staying two late, notification waiter three times repair lamp, refrigerator. away from shop Shi also future repair. waiter except front desk will laugh, remaining waiter are not laugh. especially two layer of that fat girl full hanging with face. health is poor, carpet not sucking dust, bed Shang has hair. never staying this hotel has. last said about; Harbin whole of service level compared poor. a let peopleDisappointment city