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Central Avenue

Date: 2020-09-28

Harbin Central Avenue Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2018. The company is responsible for the transformation of Harbin’s Centennial Street Central Avenue.

The reconstruction of the pilot Xiliu to Xibadao Street area covers an area of about 900 square meters and a building area of about 8,000 square meters. The total planned investment is 600 million yuan. The company is responsible for the overall planning and comprehensive transformation of the business model of the auxiliary street to further enrich Block commercial formats, introducing exotic fashion creativity, specialty catering, popular clothing and other projects. The company will continue to grow the cultural tourism industry supported by Harbin cultural preservation units and historical buildings by creating a composite business format covering cultural experience, tourism and leisure functions, and strive to create an attractive and competitive Harbin cultural tourism brand.

"Fantakia Garden" on Qidao Street, to create a high-end cultural taste format, consists of 9 merchants in total. The business projects are mainly food, beverages, red wine, wine and special handicrafts. The business area is about 500 square meters. Accommodating 150 people for dining, "Fantakia (meaning "dream" in Russian transliteration)" is the main design element, and old tickets, music, ice coffee, etc. are used as symbols. The overall environment is integrated with the surrounding buildings, such as Dreams are like fantasy. Guests enjoy dinner here, taste a bite of food, and a glass of wine, just like taking the "time train" to experience the century-old charm of this old street;