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The domestic tourism market is fully launched during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival, and 'small group tours' are popular

Date: 2020-12-24

The consumption demand of nearly one trillion outbound tourism "returned" this year, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of the quality of tourism products during the Spring Festival.

With the pace of the New Year approaching, 2021 winter vacation and Spring Festival tourism are put on the agenda. On the 20th, the reporter learned at the 2021 Spring Festival Domestic Travel Hot Sale of travel agencies that under the normalized epidemic prevention and control environment, the 2021 winter vacation and Spring Festival domestic travel showed four major trends that are different from the past: authentic Chinese New Year, exotic borders Mainly themed tours; customized “small group tours” represented by “family and one group”; high-end luxury tours that provide scarce resources and top-level services; and “high value-added” young people led by parents born after 80s and 90s Parent-child travel.

Tourism has become a "new year custom"

"Traveling during the New Year has become a Chinese'New Year's custom'. Due to the epidemic at the beginning of the year, many citizens have had to cancel their Spring Festival travel plans. It is expected that more potential tourism demand will be released in an orderly manner during the winter vacation and Spring Festival in 2021." Vice President Wen Shuang said in an interview that “Chinese New Year” is an important theme of the annual Chinese New Year Golden Week domestic travel card. It incorporates the Central Plains dumpling banquet, the Beijing Ditan Temple Fair “sacrifice performance”, Jingjiang Palace Nafu and other local characteristics The "Authentic Nian Taste" domestic tour itinerary has been popular this year as usual. While the outbound tourism market has not yet recovered, the ethnic minorities and exotic customs in some border areas in China that are different from the traditional Han nationality have received more attention this year than before. Representative destinations such as the Guangxi China-Vietnam border, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Tengchong, Yunnan and other places.

The travel agency expects that the peak of the first round of outings during the winter holiday and the Spring Festival will be opened simultaneously with the students' holidays, which is expected to be on January 23 and 24; the peak of the second wave of outings for the Spring Festival will be from February 11 (New Year's Eve) to February 13 (New Year's Day) ) Appears, it is predicted that many citizens will choose 5 to 7-day medium and long-term domestic travel; in addition, some citizens with flexible schedules will take advantage of the off-peak travel after the holiday, superimposing the flow of tourists in the province and surrounding areas. It is expected that from February 15 to The third wave of travel peaks was formed on the 17th.

2021 Spring Festival travel prices will change with the above travel peaks-starting from the Spring Festival holiday, they will continue to rise to February 13 and reach the highest level, then gradually fall back to the winter vacation level on February 18.

Outbound travel consumption returns

In the context of normalized epidemic prevention and control, safe, private, flexible, and free "family and one group" small group tours are more in line with people's actual travel needs and become a popular choice for the Spring Festival holiday in 2021.

It is reported that the Spring Festival "small group tour" products currently on the market cover all major tourist destinations across the country. The routes are mainly 4 to 7 days, and the price ranges from more than 2,000 yuan to more than 8,000 yuan. In small groups, usually 2 to 4 people can form a group independently, and the special car is dedicated and does not travel with strangers.

In addition, nearly one trillion yuan in outbound tourism consumption demand "returned" this year, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of Spring Festival tourism product quality. Some high-end domestic luxury travel products designed for mid- to high-end consumers with higher specifications than before have ushered in a certain amount of consultation. It is reported that such products generally include scarce tourism resources, providing more personalized gameplay and better services. For example, in the Dunhuang route of Gansu, you can take a desert sightseeing glider to overlook the Crescent Spring of Mingsha Mountain, join the ancient camel team to stroll the sand dunes, and taste the "epic" on the table-Dunhuang feast.

Travel agencies remind citizens that they still need to pay close attention to changes in the epidemic in winter, adjust their itineraries in time, and choose low-risk destinations and scenic spots. (*Article source: Yangcheng Evening News)