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Japanese bus number will be changed to Numbers and letters for foreign visitors

Date: 2018-10-10

Qiaobao Japan xinhua net reported, for the convenience of foreign tourists, Japan's transport ministry announced that the buses will be announced in 2018 10 months new number guide, in not more than four Numbers and letters for bus number change.

It is reported that in recent years, Japan has been committed to build "tour" of the great powers, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games approaching, more and more foreign tourists to visit Japan.Japan's public traffic developed, but because of Japan's most of place names, name of the station name and route by Chinese characters or false name tags, visitors from countries with the circle of Chinese characters in the bus, often don't know which one to get to the destination.

Japan's transport ministry in the first half of 2018 by Japan's bus to foreign tourists by questionnaire survey.In the participants in the survey of 677 foreign visitors, answering "what class is not clear when the bus to get to the destination" accounted for 26%.In answer to "what's your opinion of Japan's public transit and Suggestions", 28% of all foreign visitors, said "hope can use Numbers or letters to bus route and destination number".

It is reported that the new number by each bus passenger transport company is responsible for the change, will be in English letters bus driving direction and route, numerically the end.In the same area have more than one passenger transport company, you also need to negotiate adjustment between companies, to avoid repeated number.Ultimately determine the number of car will be indicated on the bus, car body, and the eye-catching place of the sign at the bus station, so that foreign tourists can through number accurately and quickly identify which bus to take.

Japan's transport ministry survey, although there are a small part of the passenger transport company in revision number, but there are still various companies between number duplicate or number of Chinese characters, etc., head of the relevant points out: "Japan's population is declining, whether to allow more foreign tourists to take the bus or even to the section lines of survival.Therefore, we must quickly implement bus number."

Tokyo metropolitan government said it was for the Olympic Games in 2020, Tokyo will, according to the serial number of Japan's transport ministry guide to foreign visitors take more bus routes, number work done as soon as possible.